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1st. of all, We are learning how to take my Lord's yoke upon myself and really (Matt.6.33) Seeking His Kingdom and Its Righteousness, so that, The Right Kind of things CAN BE Added When We Ask Him, Because He really knows what I Need To learn of  him, only through obedience, so! If you would do the same thing by denying oneself we can continue,because his ways are not ours and everything is based on his laws or scriptures and exactly or rightly (II/Tim.2:15), which is leading to my reason for talking to you about GOD The Father and his Dear Son , (John15:1-7), Matt.16:24, John 3:16, I John 1:3, I John 2:1-23, 24 I John 3:1-22-24, 4:14, (Matt.11:28, 29)

 10-10-03 The Bible Says He That Hunger & Thrist After (His) Righteousness (Shall) Be Filled.  We wanted to encourage you'll with your walk with Our LORD & His Dear Son Jesus Christ. Teaching Us To Number our Days.     


So!  10-12-03 15th. Day Of Tishiri, 5763  Happy Feast Of Ingathering, or Feast of Rejoicing, or Harvest, (Feast Of Tabernacles).  But 1st we "MUST STOP TO REPENT"  not   from what we want to but from what we're suppose to,  because The Kingdom Of GOD & His Dear Son (Is)AT HAND.   So That We Can Have (A Real Thanksgiving From GOD & (His)Dear Son in following Their Teachings) Deut.16:1-13-(16), 17, instead of having our own way Prov.3:1-12, Mark 7:1-13.

10-13-03 16th.Day of Tishiri 5763 Matt. 6:33, Ps.90:1-(12)-15, 16, 17, Deut.1-(15) Because The LORD Thy God Shall bless thee in all thine increase and in (all) thine hands, therefore thy shall surely rejoice-22.  <P>

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Listing Site Updates:  (Matt.6:33)current newsletters, Maps, Prophecies, Ministries; Lk.14:25-35, esp. vs. 26,27, (always exactly what he has said); with your articles please, as living epistles
2nd. Because It Is He! That Has Made Everything that was made according to The Holy Scriptures; Ps.100:1-3-5. (Read Please) Gen.1:1-26-31, 2:1-7-25.

Now!,  WE  would like to know or hear from you somehow, Who can do you better than that? RE: or you might have a question or something.
3rd. Many people have already confessed ; believed that; John 3:16, 1Tim. 3:16, 2 Tim. 2:15. You can also rightly prove it to yourself that, if you want to. So we can still talk ,OK?, in regards to John 5:39, Rom.10:10-15.

Now !to this date:1-17-03  we're learning how
to take our Lord's yoke upon ourselves and really learn of (him),(Matt.6.33)" A Phrase of our Lord Jesus Christ": "Seeking His Kingdom
and Its Righteous",so that, The Right Kind of things CAN BE Added When We Ask Him,Because He really knows what We Need To learn of him,only through  obedience, so if you would do the same thing by "denying oneself" we can continue. So that We Can "Learn From His Holy Word of Life" "How To Number Our Days",

"To walk and talk right",Doing Things Which Is Pleasing In His Sight, And "Being Led Of His Spirit", but what Is the (Real) reason of  "(GOD's Spirit) controlling everything" ?  What is the meaning of, "When Paul said If any man has not the Spirit OF Christ He Or she is none of his"! (Romans 8: 9, John 4: 24, 2 Cor. 5: 19.  So Why Follow or have your own way "In God's House", (Matt. 21: 13, & Dan 7: 25.)

Yes We Know That we Sign Our Checks By the (Roman Calendar 6-28-03 right ?) So Why not also have Our Lord Commandments written (In) our hearts & minds To (Do) Them All The Time (Lk.1: 75)  (Since We are suppose to be "Redeeming The (Time)" anyway) esp.with "(HIS) Calendar right?" 

"Sivan 27th.5763 3rd.Sabbath after Pentecost" & "1st.Sabbath of Summer Season".  Re:Please! Would you mind listening to how we first started growing In The Knowledge of the TRUTH OF GOD & His Dear Son Our Lord Jesus Christ with getting our prayers answered exactly when we needed them & Learning the Truth Rightly Dividing His Word,

1st.We'd To Repent Of Having our own Way of hiding  (2 Cor. 7: 1,6: 14-18,1Cor.6: 13-20, 1 John 2: 1-16-29).  We've Really Tried To Stop on our own but back in that same old "lust" again, then we asked our Lord Jesus to help us & ever since we were "Married" we Started To get our "Answers to Life Trials" (2 Cor. 4:1-11,1 Cor. 3: 17).  

Do you really want to know the "truth (He)"Our Lord"? Yes! "GOD only begotten Son" John 3:16" is Doing Just That In Prophecy, because "Jesus said If you abide in me and my words abide" (in you)"Personal Relationship","you will ask what you desire", & "it (shall) be done for (you)  Example "Healing" John 9:13-(31)-34, John 15:1-17.   Please Read & get back with us soon!  RE: Now!

 Why Not Love GOD & His Dear Son To "Keep (All) of Our Lord Commandments" ?,(Yes!,You'll never be the same In Learning The Truth)


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Scriptures Relating with Prophecy and Definitions:Mini-a people
Scriptures Relating with Prophecy and Definitions:Mini-a people(Manneans)of Armenia Summoned to destroy;Babylon Jer. 51:27,ModernDay;Ashchenaz-A Nation Associated with Ararat,Minni ;Ararat-Ahigh mountain rangein Eastern Armenia Site of Ark's Landing Gen.8:4;Assassins flee to2Kings19:37,Is.37:38, Our name is Walter & DeborahPreston,Jr.(Matt.18:19,20);Here are our Site Pages:  http://firstthings1st.com/

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The History or Story Behind Our Site:"Tyre"-A Sea Port City 25mi. So. of Sidon, Well! While I was Reading This Article:
This Is just An Article From: Prophecy Flash! A Look At Bible Prophecy,Vol.14 No.5 (Triumph Prophetic Ministries) Nov.Dec.2000

Title: Palestinian Uprising In Israel-Has The War For Jerusalem and the Temple Begun? and Where are we now in Bible Prophecy?
Address:(PO Box 292 Altadena,Ca.91003).
Editor and Director William F. Dankenbring:

pp.3:"Stroke of The Pen,law ofthe land,kinda cool,"-Presidential aide Paula Begla

The "70 Years"Prophecy and the New World Order
What is the significance of the number "70" in Bible symbolism and prophecy ? What are Jeremiah's mysterious "70 Yrs."of captivity prophesied for the ancient nation of Judah? What about the "70yrs." prophesied against ancient "Tyre"? Is There an end-time fulfillment to these ancient prophecies?
William F.Dankenbring: